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In the restaurant industry, maintaining exceptional cleanliness is of utmost importance. Even if your food tastes incredible, it is not acceptable to have customers dine in a place that isn’t meticulously clean. This is even more critical when it comes to the thorough deep cleaning of the restaurant, ensuring everything is exceptionally tidy and safe.

Riico Cleaning embodies paramount hygiene for restaurants. We meticulously tend to kitchens and dining spaces, leaving no detail overlooked. In Strathfield’s culinary haven, our precision harmonizes, crafting a flawless kitchen-to-restaurant experience. We, as professional cleaners, elevate satisfaction—where palate and environment unite, defining an impeccable dining journey.

Experience Riico Cleaning’s top-tier standards with our comprehensive restaurant kitchen deep cleaning services. Sail through your Health Inspection successfully – request a free quote today!

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For professional commercial kitchen cleaning in Strathfield, you’ve found the restaurant cleaning company. At Riico Cleaning, we conduct thorough services to ensure your space is safe, sanitized, and ready for customers.

With our exclusive cleaning system, we eliminate almost 100% of harmful bacteria and viruses. Our unique approach disinfects every nook and cranny, including hard-to-reach spots. Plus, it’s safe for everyone – non-toxic and gentle.

Our staff stays updated on cleaning standards and regulations, ensuring stress-free inspections. Using hospital-grade disinfection and top-notch tools, we stick to a strict checklist for a comprehensive clean, every time.

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Welcome to Riico Cleaning, where excellence in service is our foremost commitment. Elevate your expectations with our 100% Performance Satisfaction Guarantee, assuring you that your commercial space will consistently be cleaned to the utmost standard. While you may never have to invoke it, the reassurance it provides is invaluable!

“Daily, weekly, or fortnightly cleaning of your restaurant! We take care of all types of commercial kitchen spaces”

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Kitchen Ventilation, Canopy & Exhaust Cleaning

We are a specialised partner in commercial kitchen ventilation cleaning, Canopy, and Exhaust System Cleaning, catering to commercial kitchens across Strathfield. With a reputation for excellence, we’re committed to ensuring your kitchen remains in top-notch condition. Our expert services extend beyond routine cleaning, addressing various aspects of your commercial kitchen environment

Experience the advantages of investing in specialized cleaning services for your restaurant and kitchen.

  • Enhance Health and Safety
  • Uphold Regulatory Compliance
  • Preserve Food Quality
  • Boost Customer Confidence
  • Extend Equipment Lifespan
  • Elevate Overall Ambiance

No corner is left untouched in our pursuit of a thoroughly sanitized and hygienic kitchen space.

We eliminate grease and dirt buildup, maintaining a pristine environment.

Our specialized service ensures your kitchen’s heart stays clean and safe, promoting optimal functionality.

We meticulously clean and degrease canopies, ensuring their efficient performance and reducing fire risks.

Our team clears ducts and exhaust systems, preventing grease buildup and enhancing airflow efficiency.

We go beyond surface cleaning, tackling ovens, grills, fryers, and other cooking equipment.

Our services encompass thorough floor cleaning, maintaining hygiene and preventing slips.

We prevent clogs and overflow with routine cleaning of grease traps.

Elevate the quality of your kitchen environment through our expert Kitchen Ventilation Cleaning, ensuring optimal airflow, safety, and compliance.

We meticulously clean and maintain your grills, ensuring the flavors you serve are always exceptional.

Hire us! Quality Restaurant & Kitchen Cleaning Services Strathfield

Elevate your commercial space through Riico Cleaning’s specialised services, extending to Strathfield and other pivotal locations. Our comprehensive solutions offer endless possibilities for your restaurant, kitchen, bar, warehouse, Strata properties, venues, and more. Connect with our team today to explore how we can enhance your business within your budget. Experience excellence with professional restaurant cleaners, ensuring compliance, safety, and impeccable results. Contact us at Strathfield, 1300 074 426, and choose Riico Cleaning for a top-tier commercial kitchen solution. Your cleanliness is our brand’s commitment.


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What They Say?

Riico Cleaning Services exceeded my expectations with their exceptional industrial warehouse cleaning service. Their attention to detail and thoroughness left our facility spotless. Highly recommend!

- Kai

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Impeccable service! Riico Cleaning Services went above and beyond in keeping our restaurant spotless. Their team’s professionalism and attention to detail are unmatched. Our patrons have noticed the pristine cleanliness, making their dining experience even better. Highly recommended for all restaurant owners!

- Harper

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Impeccable service and outstanding results! Riico Cleaning Services transformed our commercial carpets and upholstery, leaving them spotless and refreshed. Highly recommended for their top-notch professionalism and remarkable cleaning expertise.

- Ethan

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Premium Quality Work Done By Our Company

We have welcomed to our team only qualified and dedicated staffs to ensure our customers are confident with
our standards and can concentrate on more important things like growing their business.

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Best Range Hood Cleaning Service in Sydney

We take our environmental footprint very seriously. Over the years we have developed policies that reduce impact of our businesses on environment. Like all responsible businesses we use 100% bio degradable chemicals, minimise use of water, reduce wastage, recycle everything that we can and use energy efficient plant.

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Best Duct Cleaning Services in Sydney

CM3 is Australia’s leading OHS/WHS Contractor Prequalification system. Our clients can be confident that we have OHS/WHS systems and processes for working safely. Cm3 certification assures our clients of our health and safety management systems and capabilities – giving them a detailed understanding of our work health and safety.



The Highest Quality Of Commercial Cleaning In Sydney

We understand the trust placed in us by business owners and find it of the upmost importance to work closely with our customers to ensure all standards set by our client and/or relevant authority are met and exceed at all times.

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