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Beyond Clean: Marsden Park’s Premier Carpet & Upholstery Care

Explore unmatched carpet and upholstery cleaning solutions in Marsden Park with Riico Cleaning Services. Our dedicated team of professionals specializes in a range of services, including carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, upholstery spot cleaning, and deep cleaning. Serving as your premier carpet and upholstery cleaner, we bring unparalleled expertise and precision to every project.

Discover the finest carpet and upholstery cleaning services near you, ensuring a pristine and revitalized living space. Opt for Riico Cleaning Services for superior, professional carpet cleaning services that redefine standards of cleanliness and hygiene. Immerse yourself in the excellence of our Rug Cleaning Service, solidifying our reputation as the trusted name in Marsden Park for all your carpet and upholstery cleaning requirements.

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Steam Carpet Cleaning / Hot Water Extraction Method

Transform your living spaces with Riico Cleaning Services’ Steam Carpet Cleaning in Marsden Park. Our advanced hot water extraction method ensures a comprehensive cleanse, effectively removing entrenched dirt and stubborn stains. Harness the potency of steam for unparalleled carpet and upholstery cleaning.

Choose this method to cultivate a hygienic environment with a swift drying process. Riico Cleaning Services, your preferred professional carpet cleaning service in Marsden Park, incorporates state-of-the-art technology and expertise to breathe new life into your home. Rely on us for the most effective carpet and upholstery cleaning in Marsden Park.

Dry Carpet Cleaning / Encapsulation Method

Opt for Riico Cleaning Services for Dry Carpet Cleaning in Marsden Park, utilizing the advanced Encapsulation Method. Tailored for delicate fabrics, this technique guarantees a residue-free, thorough clean without the hassle of prolonged drying times. Specifically designed to preserve the longevity of your carpets and upholstery, this method is highly recommended for materials requiring special care.

As your preferred carpet and upholstery cleaner, Riico Cleaning Services takes a personalized approach to address diverse cleaning needs in Marsden Park. Indulge in the finesse of dry carpet cleaning for a rejuvenated and immaculate living space.



As your residential and commercial carpet cleaning specialist, we are committed to delivering professional, top-notch services. Our goal is your 100% satisfaction, and we provide affordable solutions that leave your spaces spotless. Trust us for the best-in-class service that ensures your carpets are expertly cleaned, guaranteeing your complete satisfaction.

“We specialize in rejuvenating all types of residential and commercial spaces, ensuring your carpets receive the care they deserve”

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Unveiling Our Comprehensive Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Services

Reveal the untapped potential of your living spaces with Riico Cleaning Services, where our all-encompassing carpet and upholstery cleaning services redefine cleanliness. We go beyond the surface, penetrating deep into the fibers to eliminate ingrained dirt, stubborn stains, and allergens, ensuring a comprehensive and revitalizing cleanse. Our skilled team employs cutting-edge techniques, such as upholstery spot cleaning and deep cleaning, to bring your carpets and upholstery back to their original luster. With a meticulous approach and top-of-the-line equipment, we assure a pristine and hygienic environment.

Explore the effectiveness of Riico Cleaning Services’ carpet and upholstery cleaning solutions. Our services include:

  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Upholstery Cleaning
  • Upholstery Spot Cleaner
  • Upholstery Deep Cleaner
  • Rug Cleaning Service
  • Dining chair cleaning
  • Office chair cleaning
  • Armchair cleaning
  • Sofa cleaning
  • Couch cleaning

Marsden Park’s Finest Carpet Cleaning Solutions – Book Your Service Today!

Elevate your home with Riico Cleaning Services – the go-to choice for carpet and upholstery cleaning in Concord. What sets us apart? Our unwavering commitment to excellence, cutting-edge methods, and a dedicated team of professionals. Experience top-notch carpet and upholstery cleaning services that guarantee a spotless and hygienic living environment.

And there’s more – we specialize in commercial kitchen and restaurant cleaning, ensuring your culinary spaces exude cleanliness. Whether it’s carpets or kitchen floors, our tailor-made services cater to diverse needs. Riico Cleaning Services is the solution to your quest for “carpet cleaning near me” and your trusted partner in maintaining the hygiene and compliance of your commercial kitchen. Make the right choice for a cleaner, healthier home and a gleaming, compliant kitchen. Choose us and redefine cleanliness in Concord!


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What They Say?

Riico Cleaning Services exceeded my expectations with their exceptional industrial warehouse cleaning service. Their attention to detail and thoroughness left our facility spotless. Highly recommend!

- Kai

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Impeccable service! Riico Cleaning Services went above and beyond in keeping our restaurant spotless. Their team’s professionalism and attention to detail are unmatched. Our patrons have noticed the pristine cleanliness, making their dining experience even better. Highly recommended for all restaurant owners!

- Harper

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Impeccable service and outstanding results! Riico Cleaning Services transformed our commercial carpets and upholstery, leaving them spotless and refreshed. Highly recommended for their top-notch professionalism and remarkable cleaning expertise.

- Ethan

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We have welcomed to our team only qualified and dedicated staffs to ensure our customers are confident with
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We take our environmental footprint very seriously. Over the years we have developed policies that reduce impact of our businesses on environment. Like all responsible businesses we use 100% bio degradable chemicals, minimise use of water, reduce wastage, recycle everything that we can and use energy efficient plant.

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CM3 is Australia’s leading OHS/WHS Contractor Prequalification system. Our clients can be confident that we have OHS/WHS systems and processes for working safely. Cm3 certification assures our clients of our health and safety management systems and capabilities – giving them a detailed understanding of our work health and safety.



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We understand the trust placed in us by business owners and find it of the upmost importance to work closely with our customers to ensure all standards set by our client and/or relevant authority are met and exceed at all times.

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